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This Hearing Protection Awareness training online is for all personnel required to provide or use Hearing Protection in the workplace.

Who is this Course for?

This online Awareness Training course has been developed for all workers, supervisors, line managers, PCBUs and Officers who have responsibilities and or accountabilities for providing or use of Hearing Protection in the workplace.

This Hearing Protection Awareness training course will also assist employers in meeting part of their Work Health and Safety Legislation obligations in providing training in Hearing Protection awareness to workers and supervisors.

Training will provide participants with information on:

  • Defining what is Hazardous Workplace Noise and reasons for wearing Hearing Protection
  • How to select Hearing Protection when working in workplaces where there is Hazardous Noise
  • The steps required to ensure the correct use and fitting of both ear muffs and ear plugs
  • The critical processes that are required to be followed to ensure Hearing Protection is easily accessible, maintained and ready for use, and
  • Detailing the core components of a Hearing Protection Program that will ensure a sustainable program, of hearing protection within the workplace.

The contents of this course is based on Australian Model Work Health and Safety Laws and relevant Model Codes of Practice to the control of Hazardous Workplace Noise and Australian Standard AS/NZS1269.3 Occupational Noise Management – Hearing protector program requirements. It is not intended to provide legal advice or answer complex questions.


Once successfully completed, Students will be issued with a Certificate of Completion for the online Hearing Protection Awareness Training course.

Certificates can be downloaded by students in your account.